Participant Tools

Utilize these resources to be a successful hiker and give your fundraising a boost!

Participant Center

Log in to your Participant Center – Customize your fundraising page, send emails to friends and family for support and track your fundraising progress.

Participant Forms

  • Registration Form – Click to download and print. Complete and return today.
  • If a donor wishes to mail in their donation, they can use this form to do so.

Fundraising Tips and Tools

  • JUST ASK! Ask friends, co-workers and family to support you in the fight against cancer.
  • THE SOONER THE BETTER! Once you begin asking for donations, you will see that it accelerates because others will be inspiredby your fundraising efforts.
  • TRY IT ALL! Write letters, send emails, post on Facebook. Be creative and turn your hobbies into fundraising opportunities with bake sales, crafts, dinner parties, etc.
  • MAKE IT PERSONAL! Tell why you are participating in Fireflies West. How have you been touched by cancer — a friend, afamily member or yourself? Share your personal story with passion and commitment.
  • UTILIZE THE PARTICIPANT CENTER! which has templates for emails to help fundraise, request support and thank your supporters!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA! Use Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to tell others about Fireflies West!