Why We Ride

ffw why we ride

This insidious disease strikes without mercy and brings even the mightiest to their knees. While we can't claim to be actually curing cancer we do believe that through our fundraising efforts we are helping scientists and doctors to research better treatments and ultimately a cure.

What started as a ride amongst friends fifteen years ago has become a worldwide community of cyclists who honor lost loved ones and help those in need by raising millions of dollars in Europe, California and now Australia & New Zealand.

Riding a bike for eight hours a day is a painful and demanding experience but is nothing compared to the physical, mental and emotional pain that cancer patients and their families endure on a weekly basis.

Our small amount of suffering is offered in exchange for a small amount of hope and a belief that we can make a difference.

Fireflies West is in its tenth year and has raised over a million dollars.

San Francisco to Los Angeles, 650 miles, 50 riders… your support.

For more information on the Fireflies West Ride, visit www.fireflieswest.com