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Michelle Vigue

Master of Ceremonies

Frank Fitzpatrick Frank Fitzpatrick is a Grammy-nominated songwriter, platinum-selling music producer and Founder/Director of EarthTones. Read More >>

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2012 Yoga for Hope Los Angeles - May 19

Team List

Teams registered for 2012 Yoga for Hope Los Angeles - May 19

Biller Patient & Family Resource Center 

Captain: Joanne Man

6 team members  

Black Dog Yoga 

Captain: Natalie Bennett

5 team members  

City Yoga 

Captain: Roberta Grassechi

1 team member  

Desperate Down Dogs 

Captain: Patrick Williams

1 team member  

Downward Facing Dogfish 

Captain: Jana Hadous Frazier

2 team members  


Captain: Frank Fitzpatrick

4 team members  

Ehrman Friends and Family 

Captain: Amanda Ehrman

2 team members  

Hearts of Hope 

Captain: Jo-Anne Burns

4 team members  

Kat's "Couture" Yogis 

Captain: Katherine Ramirez

5 team members  

Let's actually wear our yoga pants to yoga 

Captain: Christine Nassr

10 team members  

Loving-Kindness for Hope 

Captain: Carolyn Hoong

1 team member  

Lulu Lemon Santa Mon 

Captain: Dorothy Fox-Nuccilli

1 team member  


Captain: Lucy Flannery

1 team member  

lululemon Santa Monica 

Captain: Kristen Krausfeldt

3 team members  

Macerich Santa Monica 

Captain: Patty Rivera

3 team members  

Team 2Hot 

Captain: Tom Levy

3 team members  

Team City Yoga 

Captain: Anthony Benenati

3 team members  

Team Coppola 

Captain: Andrea Guerin

1 team member  

Team Honey Badger 

Captain: Jennifer Ing

4 team members  

Team Om Coppola 

Captain: Kate Coppola

3 team members  

Team Patrice 

Captain: Nicole Hinojosa

4 team members  

Team Sara 

Captain: Anna Hawkins

1 team member  

West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce 

Captain: Kristen LaMantia

1 team member  

Yoga By Maria 

Captain: Maria Absi

6 team members  

Yoga Nation 

Captain: Sara Ivanhoe

10 team members  

Yoga the Journey 

Captain: Vanessa Nassif

1 team member  

Yogis for Lisa 

Captain: Aislynn Shaffer

6 team members