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Saving lives worldwide


Photo of Helford Hospital
City of Hope is a new model of cancer center. Scientific research, clinical investigations and compassionate care join together seamlessly to deliver a vital mission: to save lives worldwide.

Breakthroughs at City of Hope led to Herceptin, now a widely used drug to fight breast cancer. Today, our researchers continue the quest to cure — and prevent — cancers unique to women.

When you raise funds through Walk for Hope, you support research, treatment and education dedicated to making sure women all over the world live longer, better lives.

Walk for Hope, walk for health

Most people know that regular exercise is one way to lower your risk of breast cancer. But did you know that pioneering research establishing the preventive power of exercise was published by a woman who is now one of City of Hope's most distinguished scientists?

The findings are enough to get you up and on your feet. For starters, young women who exercised three or more hours a week in the 10 years after their first period later saw a 30 percent reduction in their risk of breast cancer compared to less active women. And women who exercised nearly four hours a week cut their risk by 58 percent.

But exercise does more than cut the risk of developing breast cancer. For women already diagnosed with breast cancer, regular exercise can extend life and even reduce the risk of dying from the disease, according to recent studies.

In the meantime, you can fight cancer on two fronts: Get out and walk to lower your own risk, and raise funds so City of Hope can better help women everywhere increase their chances for a cancer-free life.

Foods fighting cancer


Photo of mushrooms
Imagine a cookbook filled with recipes that prevent cancer. Imagine medicines to battle the disease that draw their power from fruits and vegetables. Inspired by this vision, City of Hope scientists are looking closely at a cornucopia of foods in search of clues. Their research already has revealed some sweet possibilities. They seek to unlock the cancer-fighting potential of white button mushrooms, blueberries, pomegranates and grape seed extract.


Photo of pomegranates
Mushrooms, pomegranates and grape seed extract may block a substance in the body, called aromatase, that helps produce the estrogen that most breast tumors need to grow. Today, doctors prescribe drugs that block aromatase to fight breast cancer, but natural products might provide another option. Our scientists also have found that blueberries may help halt the growth and spread of triple-negative breast cancer — a particularly aggressive and difficult-to-treat form of the disease not reliant on estrogen and other hormones.


Photo of blueberries
Thanks to the dynamic collaboration between our lab scientists and our clinical researchers, clinical trials are under way to test the anti-cancer power of mushrooms and grape seed extract. Our researchers also seek to build upon their encouraging early findings about the tumor-stopping power of blueberries and pomegranates.


Photo of grapes
With your support, City of Hope could set the table for new therapies that kill cancer.


How your funds raised will be multiplied millions of times



Cancer bullseyeAttacking cancer, on target

City of Hope researchers are committed to finding new treatments that are not only more effective but also gentler on patients. One path to this goal is the development of targeted therapies. Scientists and physicians zero in on cellular processes that promote cancer — the same processes that may prove to be the disease's Achilles' heel.

One protein called STAT3 is among cancer's helpers. Studies show that it helps tumors grow and guards them against the body's natural defenses. STAT3 is found in abundance in ovarian cancer.

City of Hope researchers are developing drugs that home in on STAT3's activities and disrupt them. These treatments hold the potential to starve tumors or wake up the immune system to dispose of the abnormal cells that form ovarian cancer.

At City of Hope, we are accelerating scientific discoveries on the path to medical treatments. The funds you raise help our researchers find ovarian cancer's weaknesses and attack them — in search of tomorrow's cures.


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